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With winter well and truly on the way, we need to start getting used to being hit by a barrage of bad weather: wind, rain and even snow will be on the cards for the next few months. Whilst we still have Christmas to look forward (which will hopefully offset the dank and dreary weather we’ll be experiencing with music, food and festivities), it’s time to start thinking about protecting our skin as best we can. In harsh wintry conditions, it’s important to ensure that you have a good skincare routine that will help to protect and repair your skin after it has been exposed to the elements.

There are many leading skincare brands that we return to again and again but it is definitely worth looking into some natural and organic alternatives. Many mainstream makeup and skincare companies use aggressive chemicals to producing their finishes and to help preserve the products for as long as possible. We’ve decoded some of the best organic products that will help you to nourish your skin in a more sustainable way after a hammering from the elements.


Face mask – Aubery Organics

Thanks to harsh weather that can dehydrate and roughen your skin, face masks are a go-to for those of us who want to protect our faces. Perfect for using after a long and stressful day at work or before that all-important night out, masks are luxurious and relaxing. This revitalising mask from Aubery Organics gives the same high-quality finish as leading brands but without using harmful ingredients that are harsh on your skin and are bad for the environment in their production. A company dedicated to natural remedies and skincare, Aubery Organics have been producing high-quality products since 1967 and are a long established and well respected company. Their creamy, ultra-hydrating gel facemask is vegan friendly and will help to restore and smooth your skin. Its main ingredient is organic rosehip seed oil that has naturally occurring fatty acids and vitamin C that will help to condition your complexion.


Body cream – Barefoot SOS

Perfect for those with sensitive and easily irritated skin, this cream will rescue dry and rough patches to ensure that your skin is smooth, nourished and protected throughout the winter months. Many skin creams can contain harmful parabens, but Barefoot SOS shy completely away from these to produce a cream that is not only certified organic but also vegan-friendly. This company, which combines the best of technological innovation and science with the most traditional herbal and homeopathy practices, have established themselves as a world-leader in organic skincare. This Skin Rescue Cream contains omega-rich borage oil, luxurious shea butter and delicate evening primrose oil to create a hydrating and calming cream. Enhances by herbal extracts of calendula, lavender and mahonia, this cream will soothe and nourish irritated skin. As such, it is a must-buy for those with eczema, rough skin and psoriasis.


Body butter – Primavera

Body butter is a luxurious addition to your normal skincare routine that will help to condition and repair your skin. Shea butter has long been used as an ingredient for skincare products thanks to its delicious aroma and because of its high fatty acid content. History even tells us that Cleopatra was a fan of this timelessly luscious beauty product. Primavera has harvested their shea from the wilds of Burkina Faso, ensuring that their products are sourced sustainably and positively impact the communities that live and work there. For over twenty years, Primavera has championed sustainable development, respect for the environment and the benefits of natural, organic products. Be part of their story and help their cause by using their shea butter for a rich and reparative solution to tired and worn out winter skin. Simply use the butter then relax in some luxurious loungewear (available from Mary Jane Fashion) and relax in a warm blanket with a good book. Winter may throw some horrible weather, but it is also the perfect time to be a little but self-indulgent.2204sheabutter


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